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We've taken our other Blue Angels video pages and consolodated them into this one page to make it easer for you to enjoy the videos without having to look around for them.  We will continue to add to the page.  Please send me an e-mail if you come across a video you think we should present.

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  1. Video from the Science Channel show "How Do They Do It", a behind the scenes look how the shows are done.

  2. Video from an Annapolis show, taken from the rear seater's helmet cam in #4, the only two seat F-18 in the group. Thanks to friend, Joe Dennison, for finding it.

  3. This unusual video has a lot of footage from belly and cockpit cams. It gives you a small taste of what it must feel like to fly in the formations and perform the aerobatics they do. Volume Up and enjoy.   Thanks to Dick Ely for finding this one.
  4. Blue Angels help the Mythbusters investigate if a sonic boom can really break glass.

  5. Sneak pass at 20' over the water to vertical climb. Watch the water.

  6. Blue Angels slide show from San Francisco with great shots in front of local landmarks, like the Bay Bridge and Coit Tower.

  7. An excellent cockpit video of Blue Angels show.  You can see the pilot's view as well as his face and what he does to counteract the G-forces so he doesn't black out.  Blue Angels pilots do not wear G-suits.

This player has multiple videos.
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