Abbott and Costello
"Find the Submarine"


Bud Abbott & Lou Costello were one of the greatest comedy teams in the history of show business. They mastered the straight man/clown relationship, creating a magical chemistry that would take them from the burlesque stage to radio, to Broadway, to film, and finally to television.  Signed to Universal in 1939, Abbott & Costello reigned as the new "Kings Of Comedy," producing a solid decade of box office hits including "Buck Privates" and "In The Navy".

Bud and Lou's style and brand of comedy helped lift the morale of the American public during World War II. Eager to lend their time to the war effort, the boys funded (out of pocket) a cross-country tour to help raise much-needed funds on behalf of the War Bond Drive. Everywhere they appeared there were sellout audiences. They were honored on the steps of New York's City Hall by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia for raising a record-breaking $89 million in just three days!

This routine, while not as famous as their classic 'Who's on First', is typical of the humor of the day.  Fans may recognize Shemp Howard, one of the original Three Stooges.  Too few of today's Hollywood "stars" share Abbott and Costello's patriotism.

6 minute video