Japanese Underwater Ordnance, Mines, OP-1507


Japanese Underwater Ordnance

Mines, Depth Charges and Torpedoes

Ordnance Pamphlet 1507      20 April 1945


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These files are made available through the kind cooperation of Bolling Smith, of the Coast Defense Study Group, to whom I say thank you very much.

Ordnance Pamphlet 1507, OP-1507, published 20 April, 1945, contains a summary of the more important items of Japanese underwater ordnance, such as mines, depth charges and torpedoes. It is designed to aid in identifying the items, to give their tactical characteristics and to outline precautions to be taken, as required.  Numerous drawings are included.

This publication is not intended to give instruction regarding the disposal of such ordnance. These operations remain the duty of specially trained personnel.

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 Japanese Underwater Ordnance: Mines and Depth Charges    (7.2 mb PDF)


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