All Hands Magazine

May, 1946


Credit for this page is to be shared:  It was first sent to me by Tom Coulson EM2(SS) USS Batfish (SS-310) 1954/1957 who also credited it to New Jersey Tin Can Sailors, CMD Jerry Stone.   As it turns out, the full text ultimately came from the All Hands page on the website, which has every issue archived in PDF format.  There is a link at the bottom of the page for further All Hands reading.

title page

Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower toast each other after receiving honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws from the University of Richmond at Richmond, Va

The first "issue" of All Hands was printed as the Bureau of Navigation News Bulletin No. 1 (dated Aug. 30, 1922). Twenty years later, the title was changed to Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin. As America claimed "Victory in Europe" on the cover of June 1945, the magazine's new banner read, All Hands, and the name stuck. In January 2003, a two-year project was completed that archived every back issue (more than 80 years worth) in Adobe Acrobat® format.

Note the indication in the top left corner that each bulletin was intended for 10 readers and that readers were requested to pass it along when they were through.  This particular issue has many stories of interest, as can be seen in the following table of contents:

table of contents dry dock fishing link

Please note that this file is a pdf format file and is 38.8 mb

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