Books and Articles from 1856-1916 Including Complete Fullam & Hart Text Book of Ordnance and Gunnery


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Ordnance Related Articles from Appleton’s Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics, 1880

      45 Pages, 3.62 mb  Construction of Ordnance and Theory of Construction

A reference about armor for warships from Appleton's 1880

      15 Pages 1.23 mb

The Practicability of Constructing Cannon of Great Caliber, Capable of Enduring Long Continued Use Under Full Charges, by Daniel Treadwell, 1856

      35 pages 3.95 mb

Construction of Hooped Cannon, By Daniel Treadwell 1864

      40 pages  3.92 mb  Sequel to the previous book

Fullam & Hart Complete 1903

       This is the "Text Book of Ordnance and Gunnery" revised and arranged for the       Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy.  It was written by Lt. Cmdr. William F. Fullam and Lt. Thomas C. Hart, US Navy.

      Total of 440 pages, divided for ease of download into 14 files

      Table of Contents through Page 28    4 mb

      Pages 29-68  6.5 mb

      Pages 69-98  5.6 mb

      Pages 98a-128  6.3 mb

      Pages 129-161a  6.7 mb

      Pages 161b-188b  5.8 mb

      Pages 188c-214  6,4 mb

      Pages 215-250  6.3 mb

      Pages 251-284  6.5 mb

      Pages 285-325c  6.7 mb

      Pages 325d-356  6.3 mb

      Pages 356a-390  6.1 mb

      Pages 391-434  6.4 mb

      Pages 435-440  1 mb

Stresses in Wire-Wrapped Guns and in Gun Carriages

      by Colonel Colden L'H. Ruggles Published 1916 written for the cadets of the US Military Academy, West Point.  Explains and illustrates important engineering principles underlying the design of wire wrapped guns and carriages.

      Total of 258 pages, divided for ease of download into 4 files

      Table of Contents through page 66  9.25 mb

      Pages 69-148  10.9 mb

      Pages 149-228  10.9 mb

      Pages 229-258  4.25 mb


Ordnance and Gunnery Complete 1915

    A text book prepared for the US Military Academy, West Point by Ormond M. Lissak, Lt. Colonel, professor of ordnance and the science of gunnery.

    Total of 633 pages, divided for ease of download into 6 files

      Table of Contents through page 104 4.8 mb

      Pages 105-218  6.1 mb

      Pages 219-322b  7 mb

      Pages 332c-436  5.8 mb

      Pages 437-544  6.5 mb

      Pages 544a-633  4.5 mb


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