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Ernest Borgnine - Tin Can Sailor

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This is the first page in a new section we're calling Sailors' Stories.  For the most part these pages will tell of events that happened in the past or even in current times about things sailors have done, had happen to them, or are doing now.

This first page is narrated by Navy Veteran, Ernest Borgnine, recognized by virtually everyone, as McHale from McHale's Navy and innumerable motion pictures as well as an Academy Award.  But his effort here, along with the other sailors in the video is to preserve the Destroyers and other museum ships that have fallen on hard financial times around the Country.  Just about every museum ship is fighting tough funding conditions and need support if they are to continue.

You can hear the pride in these sailors' voices as they talk about the ships on which they served.  Learn what they are doing to preserve them and their history now, so that future generations will know what these men and ships did to maintain our freedom.

10 minute video

Tin Can Sailors is raising money to make grants this year, and also to establish an investment fund which will be designed to be a perpetual funding source for the ships. Money raised and not distributed to the ships this year will become part of this investment. The long-term goal is to reach over $2,000,000 in this fund, which would generate money to make annual awards to the ships for years to come. They dream of leaving this legacy to America's destroyer museum ships, so that they know they will always have our support to keep their stories -- our memories -- alive.

For more information, visit Tin Can Sailors home page.

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