Ordnance Pamphlet 1303
US Navy Synchros 15 Dec. 1944


The purpose or this publication is to provide to all Naval activities necessary information and operational characteristics of Navy synchros.  G. E. would call it a SELSYN; to Kollsman its a TELETORQUE; the Bendix version is AUTOSYN; but in the Navy its a SYNCHRO. Since this booklet is directly concerned with The Navy Synchro, it will be called by the Navy name. The same general principles apply to all machines of this type regardless of what they're called.

The advantage of a Synchro system over any kind of a mechanical arrangement is that the two shafts can be a long distance apart. The only connection needed between them is a few electrical wires, and only a small amount of electrical power is required to operate the system. This makes it possible to do many things that would be impossible or impractical with a purely mechanical system.

For example, a Synchro system can be used to transmit a training order from a Gun Director to a Gun. A Synchro Generator is mounted in the Director and geared to it so that its shaft turns whenever the Director is turned. A Synchro Motor is mounted near the gun and a dial mounted on its shaft constantly indicates the Director's position.


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