US Navy Recruiting Video
Starring Cher

Thanks to Senior Chief Sid Busch for finding this music video starring Cher, which was shot aboard the USS Missouri, BB-63, in 1989.  The Navy was in full support and apparently viewed it as a recruiting opportunity. 

Update: May 25, 2015  I received an email from MM2 (SW) John "Flash" Gordon who quoted a face book entry by Joe Schock as "although it looked like me, it was a friend named Alan Caraway, I believe he was in 2nd div.   I have been asked if it was me in the pass and not denied it... But I actually went on leave when they were making the video."   He went on to say: "... many people thought it was me. Alan Caraway was a friend, my wife and I are still very good friends with his wife and his son."   (Ed note: Alan Caraway is now deceased and was actually in A division)

Correction: December, 2012.  Originally we said the sailor seen sliding toward Cher at 1:26 was the winner of a contest on board the Missouri and from his big smile wondered how many practice runs he had to take.  Herbert Schock

Having heard from two sailors who were aboard during the filming, we now know he was asked to just sit on the ramp and during one take, his foot slipped and he slid down.   The producers liked it and he did it for real once.  His name is Herbert Schock (1988-91)

We obviously do our best to eliminate factual errors and appreciate hearing from sailors who may have direct knowledge.

Caution:  May not be suitable for anyone too young to join the Navy.   May also cause those who are too old to try to join or even re-enlist.

If you've got a funny US Navy related story or video, please email it to me.  I may post it.

4 minute video