OP-2081   28 February 1956
Use of Explosives in Underwater Salvage


This page comes courtesy of our friend, Jack Lehman, First Class Diver US Navy Ret.  Jack was kind enough to lend us his copy for scanning for which we thank him.  Jack entered the Navy in March of 1944 and reported to the USS Saratoga CV-3 in June.  In 1946 he participated in Operation Crossroads, the testing of two A-Bombs at Bikini Island.  As he worked his way up, he served on USS Petrel ASR14, USS Skylark ASR20, USS Sunbird ASR15 and USS Howard Gilmore AS 16.  He was commissioned in in 1962 and retired from the Navy in 1967.

In 1966 Jack was the diver responsible for recovering the H-bomb, which had fallen into the sea off Spain.  It was lost in a midair refueling operation on 1 January and recovered 7 April.  At some point we hope to have a page with photos Jack took on that day.

Ordnance Pamphlet 2081 describes the techniques for use of explosives and other demolition material in underwater salvage activities: harbor clearance, harbor bottom alteration, rock and concrete blasting, steel and timber cutting and removal of propellers for replacement. The publication also reviews the fundamental characteristics of explosives and contains information about demolition equipment. This publication is intended for use by all personnel responsible for planning and performance of underwater salvage.


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