Medal of Honor Society Convention Videos
Charleston, SC
September 27-October 2, 2010

The following videos are from the Medal of Honor Society Convention in Charleston, SC. 

The first slide show is a collection of my photos and a neighbors Blue Angels photos.  My wife and I had the honor and privilege to be volunteers that night.  I did not set out to make this video, but was overwhelmed by the experience of just standing at the door as these heroes entered the hall to be recognized.  

The second is a one minute clip of the Parris Island Marine Band entering the hall.

The third is a video by Volunteer Joe Palisi, shown at the Red Shirt Volunteers' luncheon.

This is dedicated to the memory of childhood friend, Michael J. Crescenz, Medal Of Honor recipient.

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For more information, please visit the Medal of Honor Society Museum aboard the USS Yorktown, in Charleston, SC, or the official Medal of Honor Society website: