OP-769   15 October 1967
16 Inch Three Gun Turrets
BB 61 Class


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Ordnance Pamphlet 769 dated 15 October 1967, reflects the configuration of the three 16-inch 50-caliber turrets in USS New Jersey (BB62) at the scheduled completion
of ship reactivation on 30 April 1968.

Four ships, the USS Iowa, USS New Jersey, USS Missouri and the USS Wisconsin comprise the IOWA class battleships . These ships have main batteries consisting of three 16-inch 3-gun turrets.  Main battery ordnance of each ship comprises nine 16-inch 50-caliber turret-mounted guns which are chambered for bagged powder charges and are equipped with carrier-type breech mechanisms.   The guns, which may be fired at the rate of two rounds per minute, have a maximum range of approximately 41,000 yards.


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