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The Pacific: Photos from WWII  Stayed in First Place!

Japanese Plane Bombs Oregon   recently updated with new info- moved up.

Rate Insignia of Navy Enlisted Personnel   moved up to 3rd place

The Infamous Toilet Bomb dropped on Vietnam 1965   ever popular; must see

Reunion Listings  Stays in the top ten and moved up last month

Gun Barrel Construction  an older page staying steady

D-Day  Photos from 1944 and 2009 65th Anniversary  another big month

Fire Control Analog Computers 1953 Video   back in top ten

USS Barb: The sub that sank a train.   back in top ten

Navy Seal War Dogs    The dog that cornered Osama Bin Laden


Bonus:   Previous Top Ten Pages:

National Medal of Honor Museum: First Look    Must See: In Charleston, SC

Coastal and Riverine Craft Armament    first time on the list.

Submarine Escape Trunk and Breathing Apparatus   video

Main Video Page

USS Recruit: The Wooden Battleship In New York City

Engineering Chapter 7: Reduction Gears

Magnetic Catapult Dead Load Test on USS Gerald Ford   video

Battleship Main Page    

Naval Ordnance and Gunnery: Armor

F/A-18 Guides Tomahawk Missile In Mid Air to Moving Target

USS Montana: Collision Avoidance video from the humor section

USS Missouri Launch Day Video, Jan. 1944 video    

Loading the 16" Guns Video   This one is a classic from days gone by.