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Infamous Vietnam Toilet Bomb    Moved up to number 1, ahead of The Pacific

Humor: USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)    Little known tidbit of Naval History 

Fire Control Analog Computers 1953 Video   See how they did it in 'the old days'

The Pacific: Photos from WWII  Slipped a few spots, but still very popular page.

Navy Seal War Dogs    The dog that cornered Osama Bin Laden  up 1 spot

Japanese Plane Bombs Oregon   Classic story you may not know.

Rate Insignia of Navy Enlisted Personnel   moved up two places.

Reunions   Send us your reunion info and we'll post it with your ship's patch

Aviator Slang   OK Nugget, kick the tires.   Tons of Slang to learn. 

D-Day  Photos from 1944 and 2009 65th Anniversary   always popular


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The 5" 38 Guns video and how they work  Same mount on famous USS Laffey

Most Dangerous Job in the World: Carrier Deck Ops 

Coastal and Riverine Craft Armament   

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USS Recruit: The Wooden Battleship In New York City

Magnetic Catapult Dead Load Test on USS Gerald Ford   video

Battleship Main Page    

Naval Ordnance and Gunnery: Armor

F/A-18 Guides Tomahawk Missile In Mid Air to Moving Target

USS Montana: Collision Avoidance video from the humor section

USS Missouri Launch Day Video, Jan. 1944 video    

Loading the 16" Guns Video   This one is a classic from days gone by.