Carrier Traps at Night

Onto a Pitching Deck


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It is universally agreed that traps (landings) on a pitching carrier deck at night are the most harrowing, scary and gut wrenching things a Naval Aviator can do.  Watch and listen for the comment from the pilot drinking coffee after landing while his hands are still shaking....."I was in close and they're saying little power and I saw the back of the (expletive deleted) ship ABOVE ME... I thought I am about to smash into the back of the ship and go into a million pieces".

10 minute video

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"Don't shoot me 'till the bow comes up." The flight deck on a Midway or Essex is about 50 feet above the water line. When the bow scoops up water so deep that when it rolls down the flight deck and is still 20 feet deep when it passes the island you can say you have sailed in some rough waters. Been there done that.  

At the bottom of this page you can see a cat team preparing to launch an F-3H Demon with water from heavy seas washing over the deck.