USS Wisconsin

Main Battery Plotting Room Tour


The panorama is from the Nauticus website.  The City of Norfolk has assumed stewardship of the Battleship Wisconsin, which is now included in regular Nauticus admission. Admission fees help preserve and maintain the battleship for future generations.

The main-battery plotting room is located opposite the secondary-battery plotting room. Its location below the waterline and beneath the armored deck is to ensure maximum protection from enemy action. The arrangement and location of the equipment differ somewhat among ships; figure 20E1 shows a typical installation, while figure 20E2 shows the main-battery switchboard.


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In the foreground is the Mark 48 Shore Bombardment Computer  (OP-2074)

The Stable Element furnishes Level and Cross level to the Mark 48 Shore Bombardment computer. It should be at the end of the Mk 48 computer but it was probably removed before the ship was turned over to the BB Association.  (OP-1063)  The Stable Vertical provides level and cross level to the Mark 8 Rangekeeper.  See figure 19G8 for a view of the Stable Vertical.

Figure 20E2 shows a Dead Reckoning Tracer. This was used to aid in shore bombardment but it was replaced by the Mk 48 computer which has a dead reckoning tracer in it.  The switchboard contains the Rotary Switches which connect the guns to the computers and gun directors.  Also here are the I. C. switch board for the Sound Powered Phones for communication as well as numerous fuse panels.

.switch panel

Beyond the Mark 48 computer is the Mark 8 range keeper. 

Figure 19G8: view of the Stable Vertical.

stable vertical

To the right of the Mark 48 Computer is the console of the Mark 13 Radar. The tall box beside the console is the power supply for the Mark 13 Radar. 

Here is an overview of the system:

fire control system

For additional information, see Naval Ordnance and Gunnery Main Battery Systems