USS Missouri  BB-63

Transit to Dry Dock Video


This page was made possible by our friends at Pearl Harbor: Ford Murray, Tour Guide on the USS Missouri, who was kind enough to send the video, Neal Yamamoto, Education Assistant USS Missouri who produced and edited the video with photographs and video by Meryl Houlton, Tour Guide USS Missouri and others credited at the end of the video.

The floating Naval museum that is the USS Missouri was released from its moorings in Pearl Harbor, HI for the first time in 11 years October 7, 2009, then pulled and nudged into drydock for nearly $20 million worth of repairs and upgrades.  The 2-mile trip from Foxtrot 5 to Drydock 4 was witnessed by hundreds of people around Pearl Harbor.  The Missouri is perhaps best known as the place where a Japanese delegation offered its unconditional surrender on Sept. 2, 1945, to end World War II.

Some 200 workers per day from BAE Systems Ship Repair have spent the last three months sandblasting and repainting the Missouri; installing an underwater hull anti-corrosion system; replacing the rope mooring lines with chains; replacing plumbing, sewage and electrical systems; installing humidity monitors for the ship's 600 tanks; and adding a new tent on the battleship's fantail for parties and other revenue-generating events.

The “deployment” back to its home at Pier F-5 on 7 January 2010 (assuming no re-scheduling) will have all the tour guides and many others aboard to witness something quite unique.  There will be upwards of 120 service personnel representing all branches of the service who will have their official reenlistment ceremonies aboard the ship while it is being moved.  The number may include some new recruits as well.  They will be a small unique group who will be able to say that had their ceremonies aboard the USS Missouri while under way.

It is going to take a week or so to prepare for the ”soft opening” around 18 January or so with an official reopening ceremony on 30 January, 2010.  The ship’s actual 66th anniversary of its launching is on 29 January 2010, but the 30th is a Saturday, so more people will be able to attend.

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