USS Cassin Young DD-793

5"/38 Caliber Gun



USS Cassin Young (DD-793), a Fletcher-class destroyer, was a ship of the United States Navy named for Captain Cassin Young (1894-1942), who was awarded the Medal of Honor after Pearl Harbor and killed in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Cassin Young (DD-793) was launched 12 September 1943 by Bethlehem Steel Corp., San Pedro, California; sponsored by Mrs. C. Young; and commissioned 31 December 1943, Commander E. T. Schrieber in command.

Five of these 5"/38 caliber guns were the Cassin Young's main armament.  They could fire on aircraft, other ships and land, up to 9 miles away.  Nine men were needed to load, aim and fire the gun.

5"/38 Caliber Gun

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