The Most Dangerous Job In The World
Aircraft Carrier Deck Operations


This is a video of US Navy Carrier Flight Deck Operations
Thanks to my friend and Navy veteran, JP, somewhere in Texas for sending

If you have ever wondered how the Navy launches and recovers aircraft on the roof of an Aircraft Carrier, you will want to watch this impressive video clip. It is segmented with the initial part explaining the colors of the flight deck crew, then some black and white videos and on to flight deck operations. You will see why it is such a dangerous place to work.

This may bring back fond memories to some who served on a carrier. You can almost smell the exhaust fumes. While this is awesome, there are a couple of sad parts as well At the start of the black & white video segment you will see a deck hand get sucked into the intake of an Intruder, and a crash later.

This is the nature of the business these young men and women signed up to do to help keep America free, and they do this every day, in all sorts of weather from the 120 plus degree heat in the Middle East to cold weather in the north Atlantic. Everyone on the roof must keep their head on a swivel and OBTW, some of those bombs the ordies are loading by hand without a hoist are 500 pounders.

A video tribute to the young folks who work the Navy's aircraft carrier flight decks, which when operating - regardless of world events - have been appropriately called "the most dangerous 4.5 acres of real estate in the world." Very motivational! These are 18-25 year-olds (average age < 21), of all races and backgrounds, come together to function at an extremely high level of responsibility and performance yet without direct supervision. They know their jobs and do them!

8 minute video